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Step-in rights of NEA in 10531

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“The NEA shall immediately step-in and take over from its Board the operations of any ailing electric cooperative. Within a reasonable period after take-over, the NEA may convert the ailing cooperative to either a stock cooperative registered with the CDA or a stock corporation registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The NEA shall in determining the propriety of the conversion, be guided by the ability of the member-consumers of said electric cooperative to pay for their shares in the stock cooperative or stock corporation.

The NEA may appoint or assign third persons to the Board of the electric cooperative until the NEA decides that the election of a new board of directors to manage the electric cooperative is necessary. The NEA may create a management team for the purpose.

The NEA shall, in the exercise of its step-in rights under this Act, strictly observe due process of law. The step-in rights may only be exercised by the NEA in case of failure of-the electric cooperative to meet operational and financial standards set by the NEA or in other analogous instances set forth in the IRR of this Act.

SEC. 4-B, Chapter III
Rep. Act No. 10531
May 7, 2013


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