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Functions of federations in 9520

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A federation of cooperatives shall undertake the following functions:

(a) To carry on any cooperative enterprise authorized under Article 6 that complements augments, or supplements but does not conflict, complete with, nor supplant the business or economic activities of its members;

(b) To carry on, encourage, and assist educational and advisory work relating to its member cooperatives;

(c) To render services designed to encourage simplicity, efficiency, and economy in the conduct of the business of its member cooperatives and to facilitate the implementation of their bookkeeping, accounting, and other systems and procedures;

(d) To print, publish, and circulate any newspaper or other publication in the interest of its member cooperatives and enterprises;

(e) To coordinate and facilitate the activities of its member cooperatives;

(f) To enter into joint ventures with national or international cooperatives of other countries in the manufacture and sale of products and/or services in the Philippines and abroad; and

(g) To perform such other functions as may be necessary to attain its objectives.

A federation of cooperatives may be registered by carrying out the formalities for registration of a cooperative.

Art. 24, Chap. II
Rep. Act No. 9520
February 17, 2009


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