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Corporate name under Revised Corporation Code

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No corporate name shall be allowed by the Commission if it is not distinguishable from that already reserved or registered for the use if another corporation, or if such name is already protected by law, rules and regulations.

A name is not distinguishable even if it contains one or more of the following:

(a) The word “corporation”, “company”, incorporated”, “limited”, “limited liability”, or an abbreviation ofone if such words; and

(b) Punctuations, articles, conjunctions, contractions, prepositions, abbreviations, different tenses, spacing, or number of the same word or phrase.

The Commission upon determination that the corporate name is: (1) not distinguishable from a name already reserved or registered for the use of another corporation; (2) already protected by law; or (3) contrary to law, rules and regulations, may summarily order the corporation to immediately cease and desist from using such name and require the corporation to register a new one. The Commission shall also cause the removal of all visible signages, marks, advertisements, labels prints and other effects bearing such coroporate name. Upon the approval of the new corporate name, the Commission shall issue a certificate of incorporation under the amended name.

If the corporation fails to comply with the Commission’s order, the Commission may hold the corporation and its responsible directors or officers in contempt and/or hold them administratively, civilly and/or criminally liable under this Code and other applicable laws and/or revoke the registration of the corporation.

Section 17
Rep. Act No. 11232
February 20, 2019


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