Hello. This site is where I do most of my web testing and experimentation, e.g. PHP, plugins, CSS, JavaScript, etc. That has resulted in a number accidents and mishaps through few years. Sometimes I had to delete the entire site and rebuild from scratch. November 2020 is the latest rebirth of the site. For sure, this will not be the last!

To redo, to repeat, and iteration are useful though. Just when you thought you know something, you come across something new. Something you don’t know.  Or something familiar, but you ignored in the past. Something that solves a previous problem. And we are challenged by that. And just like that, your curiosity is up again.

Today, I am working on publishing father’s math books, e.g. College Algebra, Integral Calculus, Solid Mensuration.  I think this site could partly document my journey with that project. Have always been fascinated by LaTeX, for one. Then posting tidbits about random stuff feels in keeping with the self-learning adage that I would oft-say to my ‘students’ . . .

The practice to writing is reading. The practice to thinking is writing.

Thanks for being here. ‘Til we meet again,

Lyman, 17 November 2020