Welcome! This is where I do most of my Web tinkering. I didn’t finish electrical engineering at the university before taking up law. Thankfully I discovered Turbo C and got curious with the beautiful and magical powers of code. Such curiosity never left me. Through time, I taught myself bits and pieces of how to make things on the Web. In law school, I would spend my break time (ok, some of those I probably should have spent on constitutional law) reading used tech magazines. I discovered co-operatives. Then I discovered bitcoin. After my government stint, I founded my law practice. After 10 years, I merged our partnership with a firm where aside from being involved in litigation, I would be building not one, but three law practice divisions: fintech/blockchain/crypto, IP and patents, and corporate rehabilitation. I start things and I like helping start things. Today, digi.COOP is RevolutiUniting Cooperatives! I think the future is co-operative and crypto. If you are interested in these topics, would love to see your thoughts on this site or on Twitter where @lymanmanzanares resides. See you, thank you!

The future is co-operative and crypto. 331DggRQGK8YsFizRTvGVBM58KkaqVrDWj